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Michael aka "V"

Specializes in deep tissue, structural massage, sports massage, and therapeutic massage.

“It matters not that you failed to set alight to the world, what matters is that you lit a fire.”

The best thing when it comes to massage for me, is when my clients walk out taller and feeling better than when they arrived. We often overlook ourselves when focusing on careers, relationships, and everything else that comes up in life. As important as all that is, it is integral to those relationships that we maintain our health and wellness.

I was in the military for seven years before taking on massage therapy. I used to think massage therapy was “sissy spa stuff”. I am no stranger to pain and am thankful that massage opened my eyes to a different way of living.

I usually take a very goal-oriented, structural, and therapeutic approach in massage. Using deep tissue and sports massage techniques is an area I excel in. I also love incorporating all the “sissy spa stuff” as well: hot towels, aroma therapy, all of it. Don’t knock it till you try it, if it works it works. Going easy on yourself can be just as helpful. Communication is key, and figuring out what’s aching you is something I am happy to help with.

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