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Deep Tissue Massage

Our Most Popular Massage

If you experience tight, aching muscles, deep tissue massage might be for you. Deep tissue massage reaches the muscle structures far beneath the superficial tissue to relieve chronic muscle problems and injuries.

Deep tissue massage is sometimes rumored to be painful and uncomfortable, but that is not always true. Depending on your condition, the massage therapist starts with light to medium pressure and gradually goes deeper which helps to warm up the tissue and access your pressure tolerance.

Communication with your massage therapist is key to receiving a deep tissue massage. Some areas of the body are often more tender or sensitive than others. If, at any time during deep tissue massage, you need more or less pressure, let your massage therapist know immediately.

Deep tissue massage is great for releasing tension and brings your mind and body to a deep state of relaxation. Experience all the great benefits of deep tissue massage by booking a service today!

Deep Tissue Massage Sessions

60 minute Deep
Tissue Massage


90 minute Deep
Tissue Massage


120 minute Deep
Tissue Massage


Try Deep Tissue Integrated With Cupping Therapy.

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