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Im Eric, im originally from Cincinnati, OH, but I also spent half my life in GA. It’s cool liking what you do, but when you have a passion for your craft, it takes your skills to a different level. I’ve been in an athlete since I was 5 and accumulated a lot of injuries over the years. USAF Vet, led to a lot of wear and tear over the 8 years I served. I went to school to for fitness & nutrition as well as becoming an all natural physique body builder for a few years. After that I became a varsity high-school basketball coach.

Becoming familiar with the body became second nature but I was missing the knowledge of recovery. Being passionate about holistic health and fitness, I wanted to become well rounded on the wellness aspect of the body. Massage is more than a “feel good” experience, it’s a healing experience. Learning the art of healing the body is a gift and passion for me. I take my professionalism, skills, and gift with gratitude, and with the upmost seriousness. I genuinely love what I do and my goal is to be one of the best LMT’s in the world. I’m always learning how to improve my techniques and increase my knowledge. 
My favorite areas to work are the neck & back. I prefer deep tissue 90 mins sessions with my clients. It allows me to give attention to everything I want to focus on. 

Outside of massage, I’m a recluse. If you see me out it’s either at the gym, sprouts, farmers market, the park, or the Costco gas pump lol. I still hoop at the rec center but not as often as I’d like. I am in my home 90% of the time watching anime or playing a game. Contrary to my reclusive nature, I love to travel, and I love being in nature.

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