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Specializes in facials, peels, extractions, acne

After several challenging years of dealing with hormonal acne, my passion for holistic health and esthetics came quite naturally.  Like a leaf falls from a tree, or the elements and minerals that make the entire sea, it was meant to be. Everything happens for a reason; my healing journey teaches me the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle every day and that consistency is the key that unlocks the palace of prosperity and grace.

It brings me utmost joy to share the gift I possess in helping others to see themselves for who they truly are: beautiful. Our mission is to learn to love ourselves and nurture our bodies, so self care is imperative. My goal for my clients is to feel at ease, to simply remember how divine it is to just breathe…and perhaps to also feel inspired, learning something of value in the time we spend together. Finding the root cause is finding the cure, so I invite you to listen to your body; the answers are all here.

In the time spent away from work, I adore connecting with nature, doing yoga, learning guitar, cooking, making art, writing, singing, and…just…growing. I learn new things about myself everyday; that’s what makes life so exciting. Performing facials is more than just skincare; it’s a loving exchange that’s reciprocal and magnetic. It allows me to slow down and retain faith in this lifelong journey that’s incredibly unique. I am grateful for each and every one of my clients for providing me with that gift, and for trusting me.

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